California Transparency in Supply Chains Act - SB 657

The State of California has asked companies doing business in California to publicly state what as a company we are doing to ensure that no slavery or egregious labor practices exist within our product supply chain.

Victoire LLC is using this policy guideline to make responsible decisions in our sourcing and business relationship with our contractors. Our policy requires our personnel to operate in accordance with applicable laws and to report any violations of laws by our suppliers and others of which they become aware.

We also require our suppliers to provide details regarding their supply chain that may indicate a risk of slavery or egregious labor practices. Based on our current information our supply chain is unlikely to incorporate slavery or egregious labor practices, if serious risks are identified we will immediately utilize a 3rd party investigator to access the risks and conduct a business audit of their compliance to our policy. it is our goal that our efforts will have the intended effect of minimizing the human trafficking, slavery and egregious labor practices in our supply chains.