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“Thank you for such a wonderful product and wonderful customer service!!! Won't buy anywhere else, ever!” CL, Utah

"I have bought a few years ago 2 of your robes one for me and one for my husband and they are the best!" HF, Maryland

"I recently stayed at a resort that had your robes hanging in each room & I fell in LOVE with them, it was the best robe I have ever worn!" GA, Georgia

"I have been wearing your robe which lasts forever for many years. It's an excellent robe". DL, California

"Thank you. Thank you. The order of the beautiful Robe was well received. My son wore it all night and into yesterday. When we did face time he said he felt like grandpa....In this time of crazies it's wonderful that you were able to get it done. So much appreciated and I know that the robe will be passed on to my grandson. Stay safe be well and hope you can continue making quality robes." SH, Arizona

"Hello, I'm contacting you as we just stayed at the Siam (Bangkok,Thailand) where we tried and enjoyed your robes! They are AMAZING!" TF, France

Do you ship to Australia? We used your robes at Ashford Castle in Ireland and they are the best we have ever tried.” JH, Australia

“We purchased two of your robes 15 years ago, and are still wearing them everyday. We love them and appreciate the time you take to make them…thank you for continuing to manufacture a fine product. We shall continue to sing your praises. Made in the USA and great customer service is always a win with us!!!” DC, Georgia

“I am finally replacing a Robeworks robe I received over 20 years ago when participating in an invite-only spa day at a local hotel. It's been my favorite and is still in beautiful condition. Thought it was time for a new one at last!” PW, California

“Thank you so much! It’s beautiful, and was worth the wait.” CC, California

"This is a Christmas present for my husband, I ordered one for my son last year and he LOVES it! He practically lives in it when he is home. We appreciate the high quality. Thank you." PR, Idaho

"We have received our order from you and we are very happy with the quality, the service and your professionalism in handling our order. We will recommend you and your company to our friends. Thank you so much." DH, Canada

"We loved Ashford Castle and your robes contributed to the experience! They were some of the nicest hotel robes I've ever seen - so excited that you sell retail as well!" KG, Illinois

“I received my order and couldn't be happier!!!!! Thank you so much for an excellent product and flawless monogramming!!! The two robes are wedding gifts and I can't wait for the bride and groom to open them and enjoy them!!! I'm a very satisfied customer!!!! THANK YOU!!!” KG, Texas

“Thank you! My son LOVES the bathrobe. It was worth the wait.” CL, Washington

“The Robes have arrived and we are delighted with them. Just what the doctor ordered. Beautifully made and elegant.” JM, United Kingdom

“I have enjoyed one of your robes for many years …….. they are the best! I live in the UK and want to order some more… Can you arrange to ship to Liverpool?” PR, United Kingdom

“Hello! I was so happy to speak with you today about your amazing company. We recently loved your robes at the Ashford Castle in Ireland (and) we will want these in time for our Christmas celebration!" Completely fell in love!" KS, New Hampshire

"I was visiting a hotel recently that was using your wonderful bathrobes. Your bathrobe is exactly what I have been looking for quite a long time until I came across it in this hotel. Do you ship to Switzerland?" LH, Switzerland

“Thank you for your great service and assistance in my purchase. The robe arrived by courier this morning, and it is just lovely. It is such beautiful quality, and a very handsome robe. Cheers”. HB, New Zealand

"PLEASE PASS THIS ON. My wife is not the 'excitable' type. But you and your company have made a 68 year old woman cry from being SO HAPPY. Never saw that in 30 years. The monogram of her name did it. We live in Dallas and not much need for robes. She has had her current one over 25 years. It's not like we're broke...we aren't. Neither of us brought it up. This was all accomplished to your efforts and your team. Bless all of you." JP, Texas

"Thank you for the great service. I bought a robe last Christmas for my son and he wears it everyday...great product...better service...a recipe for success." BT, North Carolina

“Many thanks, the robes arrived today and they are beautiful. My husband was delighted to have a new one. His is about fifteen years old! Still gorgeous but not quite as white as it once was. Many thanks for your excellent service.” JK, Australia

“I purchased one of your robes in 1999 from the Alegria spa in Beaver Creek and have used it exclusively since then. I have purchased other robes over the years, not because there was anything wrong with the one I had, but just because I would have preferred another color. I returned each and every one of them as they did not hold a candle to the quality or performance of yours. And I will say it still looks like a million bucks. You would NEVER know how old it is (and I'm very particular). I will patiently wait as you craft my new favorite robe for me.” CW, Colorado

“I bought one of your robes at a hotel 10 years ago and have absolutely loved it! It has held up beautifully after all this time —just looking for a refreshed color and my own monogramming this time! Thanks for making such great product. My husband tried to buy me a couple replacement robes but they were returned because they were no comparison to your robe!” CB, Washington

“I’m currently enjoying one of your fabulous robes whilst on holiday at Castell Son Claret in Mallorca and I’m going to miss it when I leave so would like one of my own do you have a distributor in the UK?” JA, United Kingdom

“Thank you so much. The bride received her embroidered robe and loves it. It's been such a pleasure. Robeworks will be our go-to place for robes from now on." CH, California

"Got it!!! Thank you soooo much!! Love it :-)" SD, California

"Just wanted to say that I received my robe last week and it is beautiful, amazing workmanship, just perfect, thank you so much." HM, Canada

"My beautiful robe arrived this afternoon and it didn't disappoint. It's absolutely lovely, so elegant, and the presentation..was a nice touch. Needless to say it was well worth the wait! Thanks so much for your help." VC, Colorado

"We just spent sometime at the Little Nell luxuriating in your robes! All four of us loved them AND the kids felt right at home in the same blue robes they have at home!" RE, New York

"I wanted to drop you a quick note to say that my wife RAVES about how great the robe is. She said it's the most comfortable robe she has ever had and absolutely loves it! We have seen similar robes at stores, spas etc. but the quality of your product stands out from the rest. Thanks again." RC, Canada

"Received them yesterday. VERY NICE Robes and worth the wait." BB, Kentucky

"Got our robes...and they were gorgeous!! Thank you all soooo much...the pink is truly lovely." SP, North Carolina

"We purchased a couple of your fabulously wonderful white robes. WE LOVE THEM! Do we mention that we LOVE THESE ROBES?????? Thank you for our FABULOUS robes!" BJ, Missouri

"I just wanted to let you know that my girlfriend was thrilled with her birthday present. The color, embroidery and quality is beautiful. Thanks again for being so helpful. Your customer service is outstanding. I'll be recommending you guys in the future for sure." MB, Australia

"Just so you know...I SOOOO look forward to receiving my robe. I have wor
n one at a spa and loved it....the custom option is very appealing and I appreciate that it is made in the US. Thanks." PN, Montana

"Robe arrived today. I found you guys doing a Google search for "world's most comfortable bathrobe" and this does not disappoint. Someone asked me what material it was made from and I told them "pure comfort". It's awesome, and looks great, too. Thanks!" TM, Alabama

"I got my new robe. Love it! Worth the wait!" DG, California

"I'm just writing to say that we received the robes and they are perfect. Thank you so much for your help and assistance with this and I hope to work with you again." KW, Italy

"Just wanted to say thanks for arranging... delivery of and special monogram for the robe I recently purchased. My wife loved it - a huge hit!" CS, Texas

"I was enjoying a spa at a marvelous place in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 (and) I wore an incredible spa robe…. both the lining (soft cotton) and the outside of the robe felt marvelous and so warm. It was a perfect weight, I purchased one and have worn it every fall, winter and spring for the past 14 years. My son recently got married and I wanted to buy his beautiful wife a robe like mine… you went totally all out to make sure I received the robe on time! I just wanted to tell you how pleased she is with the robe (she could not wait to put it on). Thank you once again for having such an incredible product." VD, Minnesota

"After being introduced to Robeworks bathrobes at a spa, I ordered one myself. That was 12 years ago. I've just ordered my new replacement robe (in the new dark red colour). I can't wait to receive it. In addition to the great product I have just received the best customer service helping me with my order and double checking to make sure that the delivery plan would work for me. I am so impressed with the quality of the service, especially at such a busy time of the year. I'll tell my friends! Thanks again." LL, Canada

"I just wanted to thank you for your assistance with our recent order. We received the robes and they are beautiful. Our President is happy to present them as gifts to her executive team. Thanks, again, for your professional and caring manner." BG, Arizona

"I have just returned from a luxury weekend break in a beautiful hotel in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Your robes were available to wear during my stay there. I just loved that robe - it had two layers, the inside layer was white while the outside was cream colour. I would be very grateful if you could forward me the relevant information... it will be part of my birthday gift." SH, Ireland

"Your robes are the best and I'm looking forward to my new one." EM, California

"I am soo excited to receive your robe:)... I have worn them many times when we visit the Ritz, Four Seasons, Sonoma Mission Inn, Wynn and Escape Spas! I thought it was TIME for me to have my own at home." DW, Tennessee

"The robe is just as beautiful as you described, I love it!" KB, Canada

"The robe arrived and it is just as nice as displayed online. Very beautiful and fits perfectly." DM, Florida

"His robe arrived yesterday. It is beautiful! He loves it!" GD, California

"I just love your robes, as does my husband. We've had them since a trip to Maine, quite a few years ago. The inn where we stayed used them in each room. We ordered them right after we got home. I am so happy you came out with black... now my husband wears both white ones!" PM, New York

"I received my robe on Tuesday - it is beautiful and fits perfectly. I'm sure I will enjoy wearing it for years to come. Thank you for your assistance with my order." JK, Connecticut

"My robes got here today and let me tell you well worth the wait. They’re beautiful with the names stitched on them. Everyone will love them I’m sure, thanks for the extra touch." AC, California

"Thanks and the reason I'm re-ordering from you is that my present robe is far and away the best I've ever had (still in great shape) & I wouldn't think of going anywhere else for a robe. Thank you for making such a superb product! " JS, California

"I think I must have sent the email as it was getting delivered. It's divine! My son loves it. Thanks so much." EAB, Texas

"My husband and I were given two of your gowns over 10 years ago from a friend and we are still wearing them and (they are) still going strong. The first thing we do when we arrive home from work is undress and put our robes on. They are warm in winter and cool in summer and in South Africa our summers are extremely hot. We are in need of new ones and...will be placing an order shortly." XB, South Africa

"I'm really grateful for the fantastic support that you have provided throughout this process. I'm not sure I can remember the last time I received such prompt and helpful responses to inquiries - thanks for making the whole experience such a pleasure." IG, Australia

"Thanks…for your great robes! I wore that thing every day for 10 years and that says something about the quality of your product." MC, California

"I cannot thank you enough. The robe just arrived and it is perfect. This is going to make "Xmas in May" wonderful. I will be thinking of (Robeworks) when she opens it. I left the card with the robe so she knows that you were helping us taking care of her." EK, California

"My Robeworks robe has given me TEN years of excellent service – it was part of a luxury spa package that I won. It has been worn several times a week since then, with estimated 400+ washings and is just now getting tired. The stains have always come out and the inside is still soft and absorbent…..It is always my pleasure doing business with a company that takes such pride in their product." DL, Texas

"I wanted to thank you for the great customer service I received during our phone call. As a business owner myself, our motto is “customer service always comes first”. Your response to my concern was taken seriously and my situation was handled with the utmost respect. You and your company’s customer service policies need to be applauded." BE, Louisana

"Around 7 or 8 years ago, we stayed at a B&B that had your robes. We loved them and hoped to one day get them for ourselves. After purchasing a hot tub for our home this summer I thought it would be a great Christmas gift for him. I ordered him a robe on December 9, figuring it would never make it to NY before Christmas. Well, maybe it is a Christmas miracle (or your company just rocks), because the package arrived here tonight, on Christmas Eve. What a great surprise! The robe is just as nice as I remembered and we’ll be ordering an “after Christmas” one for me too!"
JP, New York